Chalet (Glamping) (1 Week)

510,00 450,00

As close to home as you can get without actually being there, THIS is Glamping!

With and induction hob and equipment, personal fridge/freezer, bed and even a wardrobe. it has it all… even the staff.

you will get playground equipment on site for your children and a lakeside bar that serves fresh food and drink daily for all ages. we offer breakfast delivered. you will also have on site showers and toilets that are cleaned twice daily, however please try to leave it looking nice for the next person (we would really appreciate it, and so will they). we are pet friendly but you can not allow pets into the chalet due to allergies for the next person and please pick up after you dog as it can be dangerous to people if it contacts them.

Please select how many days you would like to book and add to checkout, we know you want to 😉

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